May 27, 2012 Chinese lanterns in Moscow, Russia?

When I woke up yesterday I knew it was going to be a fabulous day.  I wasn’t kidding!  I don’t know how it could have been better.  I’ll give the highlights:
Aubree made me breakfast of a grape fruit.  yummy! 
Got on the bus and then the subway and headed to the Kremlin. 
Toured the Kremlin.  Saw beautiful head pieces of beaded work.  Watched a parade of the military as we sat up on a ledge, saw a ???bird.
Rolled down the hill, laying down, like a kid. got much more dizzy than I remember doing as a kid. 
Gulya took us to find a sim card for our phone.
Went back to get our baggage that we that left at the train station.
Headed to our bed and breakfast.  b&b close to a huge McDonalds.  It had outdoor seating and nothing like the mcd’s in America!  Very nice!
Dropped luggage off and raced to some park for a Chinese lantern festival.  The Russian boys told the girls about it.  Band was playing.  Thousands of people there.
Bought a pink lantern.  Left to go eat some shwarma.  Wow!  Absolutely delicious.  Headed back to park.  Played on playground..all exercise equipment!  Lit fires on lanterns and sent them into the air.  Met some fun people.  I helped them with their lantern so it didn’t catch fire. They had us write a wish on one of their lanterns before setting it off to rise to the skies.  Such a beautiful site!  Sky was full.  Headed back to b&b after a long, amazing day.   Who would have thought we’d be part of a world record breaking Chinese lantern festival when we came to Russia!  can i say that I love being a mom!

From Russia with Love

May 26, 2012
I still can’t believe it!  I am in Moscow Russia with my daughter Aubree!  It all started about two months ago as my friend Margie and I were talking about our daughters coming home from teaching in Russia.  Margie thought it would be fun to fly out to get them and tour.  I mentioned it to my wonderful husband, thinking it was not even a possibility.  He said,” Absolutely!” and now, here I am.  In beautiful Moscow, Russia.  I am in love with it already. The only thing missing is the rest of my family.  How I wish I could share this experience with them.  It will forever be a bond Aubree and I share. I can’t thank you enough Glade–o.  I love you and miss you.  This is what I woke up to:

1. Waking up to birds and other wild life serenading those of us willing to listen at such an early hour, letting us know the day has begun.
2. The sounds of the forest…possibly a wood pecker, knocking on the door to our hearts, welcoming us to his beautiful Russia.
3. Reading a book in bed as I listen to the Russian Forest concerto.
4. The cool breeze coming through the open window to kiss my skin.
5. Anticipating the exciting day that lies ahead as I get to pal around with my beautiful daughter and wonderful friends as we tour the Kremlin.
6. Fighting the tug of war in my head as I try to ignore the pull of the white chocolate/coconut truffles lying on the desk next to my bed. my will power lost. 😉
7. The sound of a crow cawing as it flies overhead reminds me of the deep harsh voices of the Russian language.
8. Sensing the love our father in heaven has for all of us no matter where we live, as I think of those I have already met, and look at the beauty of nature around.
9. Did I mention how excited I am to just hang out with my daughter?

It is going to be a fabulous day, I just know it. After all nothing is better than just being a mom.


Wow! I can’t b…


Wow! I can’t believe that I am finally starting a blog. I feel as if I am my own mother when we introduced her to Atari and she just politely declined.  But, I am out to prove that you really can teach old dogs new tricks.  It can’t be that hard.  Can it?  I laughed when I read that “you can start your own blog faster than it takes to read this sentence.”  They lied.  Maybe if I was 3 years old, but I am 41. The same holds true for me and computers as in how childproof containers are easier for a 3 year old to open than an adult.

Why did I decide to start a blog if I prefer pen and paper to computers? Not clue.  I think it was when I heard myself reply to the question “so, what do you do?”  and I answered, “I am just a mom.”  Those 4 words can sound so menial.  As all of us can attest, it’s not that simple. I wish I had the confidence to reply with the words my husband used when he was filling out my hospital forms when I was ready to deliver our  3rd child.  He wrote down “domestic goddess” for my occupation.   That sounds like someone who is exciting, full of adventure and put together immaculately. ( Personally, I imagine Angelina Jolie)  That’s what motherhood is, isn’t it?  Lot’s of adventure and excitement? Well, that is what this blog is about:  The things that bring adventure & excitement to motherhood.  I will include things I am doing to continue to develop me as my own person.  

For all I know, the only people reading this will be my own children, but if it helps them see me as not just their mother, but as a person, always trying to learn new things, and continue to develop, I will have succeeded.  

Welcome to my blog.  After all, I am JUST BEING A MOM!